Welcome to
Jupiter Versand

The first anonymous delivery service in Germany

Welcome to Jupiter Versand

We are the first anonymous delivery service in Germany. We are now very small and this is the reason why we only can send parcels to Berlin and Brandenburg ( We don't deliver in the rest of Germany or international!! ). It is also important that you provide the vendor the purchase order number and that it is on the parcel. Otherwise we don't know who belongs the parcel!

Wir sind der erste anonyme Lieferdienst in Deutschland. Wir sind bis jetzt noch sehr klein und deshalb senden wir Pakete nur nach Berlin und Brandenburg. ( Wir liefern nicht in den Rest von Deutschland oder international! ). Es ist außerdem sehr wichtig, dass Sie dem Verkäufer die Bestellnummer geben und diese auf dem Paket steht.

How it works

We don't deliver directly from the vendor to you. We are a stopover for the parcels. Even the vendor don't know where the parcel will be sent.


You make a new order and receive an E-Mail with an address of the company and a purchase order number.


You provide the Vendor the address and the purchase order number. The Vendor will sent the parcel to our address.


When the parcel arrived safetly at our company, you provide us your real address, make the payment and we deliver the parcel to you.

Pricing plans

Below you see our prices for one parcel.



Basic Price

To Berlin: free

To Brandenburg: +5€

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Weight of the Parcel

0 - 100g: free

100 - 500g: 3€

500 - 1kg: 5€

1kg - 5kg: 10€

>5kg : 20€